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What is Global eTrade Services (GeTS)? a CrimsonLogic subsidiary and a key growth engine for the Group

Navigating and meeting the complexity of regulatory requirements in international trade is never an easy task; especially when traders need to move many different types of cargo across multiple Customs and borders.

Global eTrade Services (GeTS) offers traders an easier and more efficient way to navigate international trade. A subsidiary and a key growth engine for the Group, GeTS amalgamates CrimsonLogic’s close to 30 years of experience and know-how in trade facilitation in 23 countries, with a broad and diverse customer base spanning across Asia, Middle-East, Africa, Latin America, and the United States.

GeTS has a comprehensive suite of global trade connectivity services that helps traders meet regulatory and compliance requirements from Government agencies and trade associations around the world. Based on a SaaS model, GeTS is centred on a global trade platform that facilitates cross-border trade with Compliance Connectivity, eAdvisory and Data Analytics suite of services. All these services can be subscribed on the fly, scaled accordingly, and delivered through Cloud to enable a high level of system uptime.

The GeTS logo encompasses the company’s focus to seamlessly connect customers to the global trade network, with the green signifying the ever-evolving dynamics of trade and technology. The orange represents our passion and innovation of the GeTS team.


GeTS Advantage

GeTS Advantage graphic

Our customers include international Freight forwarders, Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers, Importers and Exporters. GeTS also partners with Freight Management System (FMS) and TMS service providers to enhance their service offerings for their customers. Through an extensive network of 163,000 connected parties globally, GeTS’ global connectivity is expanding aggressively. We currently record over 10 million global trade transactions, US$1 trillion worth of transactions and 500 million tonnes of cargoes, and are poised for strong growth.

GeTS is the answer to complex trade challenges. We aim to address diverse regulatory requirements, limited automation and inefficient processes, by making cross-border trade:

More Accessible

• Single platform for global trade documentation and regulatory compliance

More Predictable

• Automatic data population improves the consistency and accuracy of Customs declaration
• Better planning through the consolidated visibility of trade documentation and clearance status

Easier to Fulfil

• Single data entry point overcomes the complexity of diverse Customs requirements

GeTS Global Footprint

GeTS Mission

Powering global trade connectivity

GeTS Vision

Making cross-border trade more accessible, predictable and easier to fulfil.