Best-in-Class Logistics Process Outsourcing (LPO)

With the rollout of the ACI eManifest program, many companies are still figuring out the impact of the digital transition on their business. Carriers have until July 10, 2015 to register with ACI eManifest and get used to transmitting electronic manifest data to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). After the deadline, noncompliance can lead to nonmonetary and monetary penalties, not to mention delays at the border.


Companies that have not yet registered with the Canada eManifest system are advised to consult a specialist to ensure compliance before the deadline. CrimsonLogic helps businesses cut through customs red tape and ensure timely movement of cargo worldwide with innovative products and services. We also offer the services of best-in-class Logistics Process Outsourcing (LPO) that perform a wide range of functions.


Why Hire a Logistics eAssistant


If you are planning to expand your business or struggling to make sense of the new eManifest regulations, hiring a CrimsonLogic virtual assistant to help with ACI filing, logistics admin and other tasks can be a great option. Our logistic eAssistants have extensive experience in global trade and logistics and import/export procedures. They are also available for scheduling 24/7.


Here’s how logistics assistants can help your business:


Save Money


A full-time employee must be paid for 8 hours on average whether he or she is productive or not. On the other hand, your eAssistant never charges for time spent on breaks. Hiring a logistics eAssistant is more cost-effective than hiring a full-time employee at a lower hourly rate. Because you pay only for actual services rendered, you save more in the long run.


Improve Focus


No time to expand your logistics business? Let the eAssistant handle routine tasks so you can focus on developing new products and growing the bottom line. A virtual assistant in a different time zone can also extend working hours; as you end the day, your logistics assistant is getting ready to start work and pick up where you left off.


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