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Cross Border Cognitive Supply Chain Solution

Global eTrade Services (GeTS) and IBM jointly provide the Cross Border Cognitive Supply Chain Solution to businesses and trading partners to achieve better connectivity and  visibility of the entire trade process.  

Leveraging on the world’s first trade platform to accelerate global cross border trade by GeTS, the Cross Border Cognitive Supply Chain Solution provides access for IBM Supply Chain Business Network’s (SCBN) 350,000 pre-connected trading partners to 18 Customs nodes* for Automated Customs Declaration and related filings worldwide.  With multi-million dollars’ worth of cargoes transacted daily, this automation will greatly speed up the import process, reduce filing errors and potential fines, while creating up to 60 per cent time savings, and increasing productivity by 1.5 times so that businesses can focus on their core operations.  

This new solution also has a cognitive feature that applies predictive analytics for real time insights, such as predictions of disruptions by leveraging on weather and global trade data.  With both business and government networks having full visibility of the entire trade process, the solution can quickly provide actionable recommendations to mitigate disruptions, risks and costs to make trade more accessible, predictable and easier.   Other features of the Cross Border Cognitive Supply Chain Solution include eAdvisory and data analytics suite of services.**  . 

* GeTS is connected to 18 Customs nodes in Australia, Botswana, Canada, Chile, Fujian, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Shanghai, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, USA and Vietnam.

This solution is currently being showcased at the  Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Playground (SCLIP) from 18th September 2017 to 17th March 2018.

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