Singapore TradeWeb


As a PC-based application, TradeWeb™ Desktop does not rely on the Internet in the same degree as our other TradeWeb™ solutions. Easily installed on your office or home PC from a CD-ROM, it is accessible at all times.

Developed as a pure Java application, making use of the latest technologies, TradeWeb™ Desktop enables you to generate declarations or Cargo Clearance Permits offline. Submissions are made through dialup, ADSL or LAN to TradeXchange® and TradeNet®.

Utilizing a graphically rich interface with intuitive navigation, TradeWeb™ Desktop is fast and easy-to-use, requiring minimum learning. An improved database, flexible search capabilities and multi-format reporting make it a reliable and powerful performer too. 


Suitable for companies that:

  1. Are of various size, from large to small
  2. Store permit data within premise
  3. Want to restrict declaration/ permit accessibility within premise
  4. Have a slow or unstable Internet connection