The Electronic CertOfOrigin (eCO) System is a web-based application and certification system that provides a single online interface to apply and print Certificate of Origin (CO).

The eCO System allows exporters to submit an application electronically. It also enables the approving authorities to approve and certify Certificate of Origin applications online with easy retrieval of supporting documents. Approved Certificate of Origin can be transmitted immediately to recipients such as the Customs officers, banks and overseas buyers.

Functionalities/ Benefits

Electronic submission of Certificate of Origin (CO) application Cost and time saving for exporters
- Exporters can now apply for a CO online, anytime. The electronic application process liberates the exporters from the manual tasks of submitting numerous documents and physically dispatching hardcopy documents to multiple parties such as the chamber, embassy, banks and overseas trading partners.
Online approval of CO Time saving and process simplification for government and chambers
- Automation of data validation and customisation of approval workflow have shortened the application process. This saves significant amount of time as the manual processes are automated electronically. It also provides fast and accurate compilation of statistics and improves transparency.
Online tracking of application status Trade Facilitation
- The eCO System enhances the efficiency of the entire trading process and facilitate the movement of goods through system integration.
Convenient retrieval and controlled self-printing of CO
Seamless data integration with external systems
Multiple layers of optical document security features built into the system
- Anti-Counterfeit: Authenticity of a document
- Anti-Forgery: Integrity of a document
Subscription Options

  • Allow convenient access anywhere with Internet connection.
  • Reduce data entry with template creation.
  • Full audit trail and reporting capabilities.
  • Electronic processing of requests via fax or email.
  • Access to portal account for tracking submissions.
  • Electronic integration with in-house software systems.
  • Support variety of submission protocols (FTP, sFTP, SMTP AS2, Web Services).