Advance Ocean Manifest is a requirement to file advance electronic declarations for goods transported into Mexico by ocean. It is the electronic transmission of ocean manifest information for shipments entering Mexico by ocean carriers and non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCCs).

The Mexico 24-hour Rule requires all transporters of maritime cargos to electronically file cargo manifests into Mexican Customs 24 hours in advance of loading the goods on the ship at origin. By electronic transmission to Mexican Customs, transportation documents and cargo manifests are presented to the customs authority electronically without the need to physically deliver the paper.

Global eTrade Services (GeTS) MX Ocean AMS is a web-based software solution for the submission of ocean manifest information for shipments into Mexico. Carriers and non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCCs) can easily submit AMS through GeTS user friendly web interface or seamlessly via their in-house system to Mexican Customs.

Submitting Ocean eManifests with GeTS will save time, and increase visibility.  Data population cuts out manual processes and Instant notifications are sent directly to carriers so you always know the status of your cargo.

When traders need to move Ocean Cargo across Customs and borders fast and efficiently, Global eTrade Services is your trusted partner to streamline submissions and improve operations processes.


Features/ Benefits

Improved Operational Efficiency Automated system allows seamless submission of data eliminating redundant data entry and improving productivity.
24/7 User Connectivity With GeTS Ocean eManifest for Mexico in place, documents can be conveniently submitted at anytime.
Data Storage and Security Regular system back-ups and maintenance ensure physical records will not be misplaced or duplicated, thus improving data accuracy.
Employee Productivity and Skill With the implementation of GeTS Ocean eManifest for Mexico, employees are more productive and skill levels have increased significantly, becoming more IT focused.
Real-Time Access to Data Easy access to accurate, real-time information helps Mexico Customs facilitate the decision-making process and plan for future capacity.
Easy Integration A highly customizable and flexible system that can be easily integrated with any In-House or Third-Party software enabling users to streamline processes and increase efficiency.