GeTS Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Prior Notice (PN) is a web-based solution designed to streamline the submission of Prior Notice through a specially designed user interface for easy work flow. Users have the visibility to view and track the responses from FDA directly.  Alternatively, shipment milestones alerts can also be sent via email and SMS notifications. For greater time savings, users can upload their shipment data easily or integrate their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems with GeTS FDA PN. 

Traders are required to send the Prior Notice (PN) electronically to the U.S. FDA before food is imported into the United States. The Prior Notice (PN) requirement applies to the import of food (for both human and animal consumption) into/through the United States. This includes individuals, manufacturers, exporters, brokers, importers, and agents. The PN of imported food shipments will help FDA to increase public safety by reviewing and evaluating the information in advance.

Features/ Benefits

Secure corporate account. Security with high availability for enterprise class users.
24/7 customer support. Expert advice and assistance on customs compliance matters.
Streamlined and easy-to-use application. Enjoy efficiency and time savings with less data entry.
Multiple plans and connectivity options. Enjoy cost savings with our selection of plans that fit your organization.
Report generation capabilities. Data helps to track and analyse cargo movements.
Advanced integration options available. Data can stream from multiple sources to a single transaction.
Subscription Options

  • Convenient access anywhere with internet connection
  • Reduce data entry with template creation
  • Receive instant responses from FDA
  • Full audit trail and reporting capabilities
  • Electronic processing of requests via fax or email
  • Confirmation of acceptance from FDA by phone, email or SMS
  • Access to portal account for tracking submissions
  • Electronic integration with in-house software systems.
  • Support partial data transfer to web portal account for completion and submission to FDA.
  • Support a variety of submission protocols (FTP, sFTP, SMTP AS2, Web Services)

    $ 19/mth
    • Includes 6 transactions
    • Additional transactions $3 each

    $ 39/mth
    • Includes 39 transactions
    • Additional transactions $1 each
  • LITE

    $ 79/mth
    • Includes 92 transactions
    • Additional transactions $0.85 each
  • PLUS

    $ 149/mth
    • Includes 212 transactions
    • Additional transactions $0.70 each
  • Enterprise

    $ 499/mth
    • Includes 907 transactions
    • Additional transactions $0.55 each
  • Premium

    $ 999/mth
    • Includes 2497 transactions
    • Additional transactions $0.40 each

* Includes mailbox for host-to-host EDI/XML integration
  • eManifest Filing Service

    $ 50/mth
    • Includes first 5 transactions
    • $8.00/transaction (6+)