Free Trade Zone

A Special Economic Zone (SEZ) or Free Trade Zone (FTZ) is typically a well-defined area within the geographical boundary of a country where certain economic activities are promoted by a set of policy measures that are not generally applicable to the rest of the country.

For economies seeking to foster its trade volumes, the strategiec management of SEZ and FTZ can signicantlyimpact the economy’ overall trade performance and boost economic development. 

CrimsonLogic’s SEZ / FTZ Management System is a web-based system designed to streamline trade documentation and enhance business processes. It aims to reduce costs, increase efficiency and accelerate business results for all stakeholders in the Zone.

Our SEZ / FTZ Management System was implemented in one of the world’s largest Free Trade Zones – the Colon
Free Zone (CFZ), a gigantic entity at the Atlantic gateway to the Panama Canal, playing a crucial role in Panama’s economy. For its part in successfully promoting a “Paperless Panama”, our system was awarded the prestigious
Premio Nacional de Innovación Gubernamental (Government National Innovation Award) in 2012.