hive - Partner Discovery Service

The hive platform is truly a community of communities. It is the first in the world that interconnects ASEAN freight forwarders across 11 associations* and their members. Businesses looking for growth opportunities through trade across the North America and Asia can look to the Hive - Partner Discovery Service (PDS). It enables users to reach out to a wider community of logistics service providers and new markets in ASEAN and beyond.

PDS is a social-media-like application that allows users to search and discover potential new partners, initiate communications, create connections and foster closer collaboration. Various parties in the trade industry (i.e. freight forwarders, 3rd party logistics service providers, courier companies, traders and even supply chain IT solution providers) who are associations’ members can also list their profiles, post their company events and receive notifications of potential leads.

With a single point of access to this extensive database, reaching out for partnership becomes a breeze. Features like posting reviews and endorsing partners’ strengths drive greater transparency and increase credibility. This facilitates the establishment of credible business partnerships with fellow freight forwarders, especially in developing ASEAN markets.

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