ACROSS/CADEX provides a direct link into the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) for the release and clearance of imports and Other Government Department (OGD) shipments. From any Internet terminal, you can send declarations to CBSA and other controlling agencies directly from your computer. Within minutes, you can receive the responses and proceed to clear your cargo.

ACROSS/CADEX complies with the latest customs compliance issues. Any change in policies and procedures will be centrally implemented by CrimsonLogic. This Application Service Provider (ASP) model also saves hardware investment and maintenance for users. To fulfill clients’ requirements, CrimsonLogic also provides customized software integration with the customer’s legacy systems.


In 1996, the Group of Seven Industrialized Nations (G7) - Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States - who account for approximately 47% of all world trade, agreed to an undertaking to simplify customs reporting requirements by harmonizing the data required by traders to conduct business between the G7 countries.  


Price Plan

  • FREE

    $ 0/mth
    • 30-days free trial

    • on all web plans

    $ 39/mth
    • $1.00/transaction

    • includes 39 transactions
  • LITE

    $ 79/mth
    • $0.85/transaction

    • includes 92 transactions
  • PLUS

    $ 149/mth
    • $0.70/transaction

    • includes 212 transactions
  • Enterprise

    $ 499/mth
    • $0.55/transaction

    • includes 907 transactions
  • Crimson

    $ 999/mth
    • $0.40/transaction

    • includes 2497 transactions

*includes a backup eManifest filling option of $10.00/transaction

*0.15/page documentation forward to customs broker