Single Window

The “Single Window System” as defined by United Nations, is a “facility that allows parties involved in trade and transport to lodge standardised information and documents with a single entry point to fulfill all import, export, and transit-related regulatory requirements.”

CrimsonLogic is a pioneer of the Single Window Systems, having developed one of the world’s first – TradeNet, Singapore’s automated national trade facilitation system in January 1989.

TradeNet enables traders to have 24-hour access to the electronic transmission of trade documents. It currently connects 35 government agencies to facilitate the processing and approval of trade permits; reducing processing time to less than three minutes per application.

Since TradeNet, we have successfully brought our expertise to the international arena, helping many governments to develop and implement their Single Windows. In one particular country, our Single Window System has reduced its cargo clearance time by a factor of 5, leading to a substantial increase in government revenue through customs duties and taxes.

The quality and value of our Single Window Systems is attested by the numerous accolades garnered by Singapore’s TradeNet, which is also a case study subject for the Harvard Business School. Our project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the SaudiEDI system, won 2nd place in the United Nations Public Service Awards 2010 for improving transparency, accountability and responsiveness in Public Service.