The e-Air Waybill solution allows the electronic filing of transportation document of an air cargo shipment to a Carrier or an Authorised Agent. e-AWB is an industry-wide initiative by International Air Transport Association (IATA) to replace paper AWB.

Every day, every International Air Cargo shipment can involve more than 30 different paper documents.  Among the documents, the Air Waybill (AWB) or Air Consignment Note is the most important piece of non-negotiable transportation paper document in air cargo transportation issued directly by a carrier, or through its authorized agent.

The digital advancement has enabled more Exporters to process documents much quicker.  With the replacement of AWB with e-AWB it allows quicker turnover of electronic contract of carriage between the freight forwarder and the airline to make cargo transportation by air faster, more reliable and cost effective. e-AWB provides data accuracy, confidentiality and efficiency to address the ever-changing challenges in the air freight and logistics industry.  The e-AWB is an industry-wide initiative by IATA, who materialised both e-Freight & e-Cargo vision successfully. 

More than an e-AWB

Our best-in-class e-AWB service is part of Global eTrade Services’ (GeTS) smart and sustainable air freight service offerings.  Through eliminating paper-based AWB and information exchanges between air cargo agents and airlines, e-AWB enables you and your business to save:

  1. Money through reduction in fees charged by airline by transmitting AWB electronically; paper usage; manpower and transport utilisation cost
  2. Time through minimising waiting at the airline / agent desk
  3. Environment through the reduction in tonnes of paper used by paper-based AWB and annually.

And at the same time, your business will enjoy higher productivity through:

  • No need to print or archive AWBs manually
  • Reduces delays due to missing or illegible paper AWBs
  • Prevents human errors

Our e-AWB service immediately connects you and your business to over 170 international airlines to fast forward your e-AWB implementation globally.  This service also provides you with various options to transmit your e-AWB through either online submission/upload or host-to-host direct system integration with your existing ERP/Freight Management System (FMS) for electronic data exchanges of simplified XML using web services.

Welcome on board in 3 simple steps:

1. International Freight Forwarders who have yet to register as IATA cargo agent may apply through IATA’s website.

2. Freight Forwarders need to ensure that they have signed the IATA Multilateral e-AWB Agreement (IATA Resolution 672). Joining the IATA multilateral e-AWB agreement can be easily done online (it’s free) in 5 to 10 minutes from IATA's website

3. Register for a 30-days free trial at CrimsonLogic Global eTrade Services (GeTS) Air Cargo Connectivity’s website or download the e-AWB customer registration form here.

My first e-AWB in 3 easy steps:

1. The air cargo agent/ freight forwarder at origin needs to first create your Master Air Waybill (MAWB/FWB) through our e-AWB system. 

2. Our system then auto-populates relevant data from your MAWB to your respective House Air Waybills (HAWBs/FHLs).  As the air cargo agent / freight forwarder, the user enters additional information required in a HAWB. Our system will automatically transmit your MAWB and HAWBs to the airline.

3. The airline automatically sends periodic Freight Status Update (FSU) including RCS (Ready For Carriage) through our system back to the air cargo agent / freight forwarder to indicate if your cargo and documents are received, 'Ready For Carriage' or accepted by airline / ground handler (GHA) respectively. And you are ready for take-off now.

My checklist before take-off

Are all airlines and airports ready to accept my e-AWBs? 

Not all airlines and airports are ready to accept e-AWB. Please check the list of e-AWB-ready airlines using the IATA free of charge e-Cargo Matchmaker web-based tool.

Where can I find out about the cost saving benefits for submitting e-AWB for airlines in the country that I operate in?

Airlines typically send circulars to all their customers (i.e. freight forwarders) mentioning about various charges applicable including Manual versus electronic MAWB/HAWB submitting charges. If you have not received these information, please contact the airline’s local office in country that you operate in directly.


Features/ Benefits

Secure corporate account. Security with high availability for enterprise class users.
24/7 customer support. Expert advice and assistance on customs compliance matters.
Streamlined and easy-to-use application. Enjoy efficiency and time savings with less data entry.
Multiple plans and connectivity options. Enjoy cost savings with our selection of plans that fit your organization.
Report generation capabilities. Data helps to track and analyse cargo movements.
Advanced integration options available. Data can stream from multiple sources to a single transaction.
Subscription Options

  • Allow convenient access anywhere with Internet connection.
  • Reduce data entry with template creation.
  • Receive instant responses from CBSA and CBP.
  • Full audit trail and reporting capabilities.
  • Electronic processing of requests via fax or email.
  • Confirmation of acceptance from CBSA and CBP by phone, email or SMS.
  • Access to portal account for tracking submissions.
  • Electronic integration with in-house software systems.
  • Support partial data transfer to web portal account for completion and submission to CBP & CBSA.
  • Support variety of submission protocols (FTP, sFTP, SMTP AS2, Web Services).

    $ 19/mth
    • Includes 6 transactions
    • Additional transactions $3 each

    $ 39/mth
    • Includes 39 transactions
    • Additional transactions $1 each
  • LITE

    $ 79/mth
    • Includes 92 transactions
    • Additional transactions $0.85 each
  • PLUS

    $ 149/mth
    • Includes 212 transactions
    • Additional transactions $0.70 each
  • Enterprise

    $ 499/mth
    • Includes 907 transactions
    • Additional transactions $0.55 each
  • Premium

    $ 999/mth
    • Includes 2497 transactions
    • Additional transactions $0.40 each

* Includes mailbox for host-to-host EDI/XML integration