Singapore TradeWeb


TradeWeb™ Integrator is an add-on module to our TradeWeb™ Live and TradeWeb™ Enterprise solutions. As such, it integrates TradeWeb™ with your existing in-house Freight Management Systems to enable simple, seamless and speedy trade declarations.

Ideal for those who submit and obtain trade permits in large volumes, TradeWeb™ Integrator is a host-to-host solution that not only saves and reuses data to eradicate human errors. It also sends, receives and validates trade declarations to the Singapore regulatory bodies automatically.

TradeWeb™ Integrator enables faster permit clearances, more effective use of human resources and overall increased business efficiency. 


Suitable for companies that:

  1. Have high volume of trade declarations
  2. Want to reduce manual data entry
  3. Connect company’s in-house systems, e.g. FMS, WMS and ERP, to TradeNet® system
  4. Reuse data from in-house systems for trade declarations
  5. Return permit data to in-house systems
  6. Have in-house IT team